Raw 8 cafe

2014 cafe / Nakatsu / Osaka/

ローフード(Raw food)を提供するカフェの内装設計です。










It is a cafe interior design that provides the Raw foods.

Roughly speaking,the raw food is cooking style without a fire. In Japan, it is not popular now, but in such as New York has a lot of restaurants. To say that raw vegetables is not a salad, a variety of dishes such as spaghetti and curry have been cooking without a fire in a variety of ideas. For example, to use cut thin zucchini instead of pasta boiled from the wheat.

Ms.Fukuyama, who preside over has also carried out research and lecturer at the guru of raw food of Japan, you have your own also frequently go out to study sessions abroad.

We requested that the design for cafe ,cooking classes,and the place of cooking study.

Therefore, to create a large table for bar counter at the time of the cafe , use cooking table at the cooking class, and use lectern at the time of lecture presentation.

From the store concept,using the furniture of solid laminated wood for a simple space and the wall and the ceiling are used the gypsum-containing coal to the base.

Here and get a meal, I feld like the inside of the body was refreshing.

I especially love the individual cake. Sweet juicy (citrus?) Not say downright texture. Of course they were made without oven.

In addition, this place had been using as our office until 2013, the entrance,floor and lighting duct we have made has been used continue. Ms.Fukuyama said, where it had been interest for her a long time, so we went out, it is entered into after. So she ordered us of designing of this cafe.What a wonderful fortune!

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